Welcome to the TIMS Holding B.V. website.
We hope that the information you will find on our site will show that we might be an interesting partner for you in strategy formulation and implementation.
Formulating a strategy is, in the quickly changing international competitive business setting, a real challenge but even harder is implementing a chosen strategy in a speedy way. 
Today's leadership challenge is not just to provide information and convince people in their minds of the chosen strategic direction and where necessary provide them with new skills. It is also to change attitudes so that people feel comfortable in their new behavioural patterns. 
TIMS Holding believes that the only way to get this emotional buy-in is to offer new experiences. This takes time and time is a competitive weapon. Concentrated methods can speed up this process and offer a high return on management time invested. With the SIMS International business simulations, which are a part of the TIMS Holding offerings, we can quickly give your people an intellectual, emotional and practical commitment to new attitudes and skills.

We believe that improving people's performance is the surest way to improve business results. Our mission is to empower managers with the passion to drive your business.
TIMS Holding B.V. would be pleased to discuss how we could co-operate with you in strategy formulation and implementation. 

Prof.Drs.R.Sybren Tijmstra
Chairman & Managing Director
TIMS Holding B.V.