Contributions to management development programmes

The chairman & managing director of TIMS Holding B.V. also created in 1996 with a former director of executive education of IBM, Pat FitzPatrick, SIMS International Ltd. a company specialised in business simulations in the area of strategy, strategy implementation and change management. As the SIMS International simulations became increasingly more important components of the TIMS Holding B.V.’s educational offerings SIMS International was bought in 2014 by TIMS Holding B.V. and is now an integral part of the company. 

Each delivery of a simulation is configured based on the identified learning objectives as described above. 

For an overview of the simulations please refer to this section.

At the end of a simulation the learning points of the experience are discussed .
Key to the SIMS International methodologies for learning in the area of strategic and management skills is the self assessment module. Against the background of the learning exchange, individuals, by critical self-analysis of results personally achieved during the simulation, identify and share with colleagues, their key learning’s.

Further learning is facilitated by the use of state-of-the-art computer graphics which, using all the data generated during the simulation, provide vivid in-depth analysis of both the strategic and management dynamics that have taken place during the simulation.

Finally, the overall performance achieved by each competing team is measured by using the balanced score card methodology
In addition to providing self assessment tools to participants to analyse their individual and group behaviour, our consultants can, at the wish of the client, pay special attention during the simulation to 'soft skills' learning. This is done by observing and analysing group and individual behaviour exhibited during the running of the simulation by using conceptual models of the client's preference such as Personality Typologies (Myers Briggs), Learning Styles (Honey & Mumford), Team Roles (Belbin), Process Communication Model, Leadership Styles (Kouses & Posner) and Coaching (Whitmore).
If the client so wishes, our consultants can offer an additional module which is designed to enable participants to translate the simulation experience into their own company's business setting.

Teaching in the areas of world business trends, (international) strategy and cross cultural management

TIMS Holding B.V. can also provide teaching for management development, executive MBA programma’s etc..  
The chairman and managing director of TIMS Holding B.V., Sybren Tijmstra emeritus professor in International Strategy and Management, has a wealth of experience in teaching topics like world business trends, (international) strategy and cross cultural management across the globe. He is visiting professor at several business schools.
The high level partner network around TIMS Holding B.V. allows us to also cover topics like strategic marketing, strategic human resource management, leadership and coaching.